Southeast Louisiana Flood Protection Authority-West Bank Board of Commissioners (SLFPA-W) Encourages NOGS Surface Fault Atlas Project

At their October 28, 2015 regularly scheduled monthly meeting, the West Bank flood authority commissioners approved of a resolution requesting NOGS facilitate the production of basic physical geology research by going forward with the NOGS Surface Fault Atlas Project.  SLFPA-W Resolution No. 102815-03 urges surface faulting be defined near and underlying hurricane storm surge, drainage and flood prevention facilities on the West Bank because this detailed geological research has not been done beneath about 80 miles of  flood defenses including levee reaches, pump stations and flood gates.

The resolution noted the benefit of defining geohazards, if any, near the West Closure Complex pump station (one of the largest in the world) and flood gate (one of the largest in North America) and to manage risk of subsiding levees.

Commissioner Mike Merritt moved adoption of Resolution No. 102815-03 and after Commissioner Paul Dauphin seconded the motion, Commissioners Camnetar, Gaddy, Julien, Maclay and Wilkinson voted unanimously to approve and urge NOGS to endeavor to begin and continue its great work of coordinating and facilitating a series of independent scientific mapping projects to be compiled by NOGS producing a Surface Fault Atlas.

The Commissioners ordered a copy of their resolution be sent to the NOGS office and the document is an open record available to the public.

To read the Resolution: Click here (PDF)