University of Texas-Austin Applies for Federal Permits for Deep Stratigraphic Tests in the Gulf of Mexico for Methane Hydrate Research Program

University of Texas (UT Austin), 2/15/2017


The University of Texas (UT Austin), as operator of a methane hydrate research program, is applying for federal permits to drill two deep stratigraphic test wells in the offshore U.S. Gulf of Mexico. UT Austin hereby invites all other interested parties to participate in this operation.

Two (2) proposed tests will be drilled in one (1) OCS location in the Gulf of Mexico for the sole purpose of obtaining scientific data and information. The purpose of drilling these holes is to acquire pressurized sediment cores and wireline log data. The planned commencement date of drilling operations is April 15, 2017. The drilling program is estimated to last 22 days and cost approximately $11 million. The planned target depths for these wells are 1464-1724’ BML, depending on the locations. No casing will be set. The drilling will be done riserless.
The applications for the permits to drill (APD) will request approval for Green Canyon 955.

Interested parties are invited to participate in the proposed operations and in acquiring the resulting data and information on a shared cost basis. Any interested party may join the program as an original participant by committing, in writing, to the operator prior to 12:01 pm, Central Standard Time, April 15th, 2017, and thereby becoming obligated to bear its equal share with other participants of the cost, risk and expense to drill the stratigraphic test. Thereafter, a party may join as a late participant by committing to bear its share (along with the original participants) of the cost, risk and expense plus an additional amount in the maximum figure which is permitted to be charged to late participants as per 30 CFR Part 251.

Participation is available only on an individual or individual company basis. Participation as a representative of a group is not permitted.
Those interested in participating in the proposed test wells or obtaining further information thereof should contact Peter Flemings, Jackson School of Geosciences, University of Texas at Austin, Austin, TX 78712, (512) 475-9520 or