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Oil and Gas Fields of South Louisiana, 2010

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Atlas of Oil & Gas Fields of the New Orleans Geological Society CD I

Offshore Louisiana Oil and Gas Fields, V. 1
Offshore Louisiana Oil and Gas Fields, V. 2
Oil and Gas Fields of Southeast Louisiana, V. 1
Oil and Gas Fields of Southeast Louisiana, V. 2
Oil and Gas Fields of Southeast Louisiana, V. 3
Oil and Gas Fields of Southeast Louisiana, V. 3, Supplement
Salt Domes of South Louisiana, V. 1
Salt Domes of South Louisiana, V. 2
Salt Domes of South Louisiana, V. 3
Tuscaloosa Trend of South Louisiana

Contents of NOGS CD II

A Tour Guide to the Building Stones of New Orleans, by E.S. Slagle, 1982
Field Trip Guidebook Tertiary and Upper Cretaceous Depositional Environments Of Central Mississippi, by E. Adams, 1985
A Tour of Selected Tertiary and Quaternary Localities and Landscapes Of The Jackson-Vicksburg-Natchez-Old River Areas, Mississippi-Louisiana, by R.T. Saucier and L.M. Smith, 1985
Exploration and Exploitation of Coastal Salt Basin Diapiric Structures in the Lower Pliocene through Eocene Trends, by T.G. Fails et al., 1995
An Introduction to Central Gulf Coast Geology, by D. Goldthwaite, ed., 1991
Introduction to Ground-Water Hydrology, D.H. Easley, 1993
A Tour Of Salt Dome Cap Rock Features, Winnrock Quarry, Winn Parish, Louisiana, J.R. Kyle and M.R. Ulrich, 1993
Field Trip Guidebook Geology of Ouachita Mountain Core Area, Vicinity of East Shore of Lake Ouachita Garland County Arkansas, W.W. Craig et al., 1993
Productive Low Resistivity Well Logs of the Offshore Gulf Of Mexico, by D. Moore, ed.-in-chief, 1993
Deltaic Sands and Sandstones, by R.J. LeBlanc, Sr., 1987
Geological and Cultural Excursion, Jackson to Natchez, MS, by M.K. Corcoran et al., 1993
Meander Belt Deposition – Plaquemine Point, Mississippi River, by J.M. Coleman and H.H. Roberts, 1988
Northeastern Gulf Coastal Plain Revisited Neogene and Quaternary Units and Events – Old and New Concepts, by E.G. Otvos, 1997
Low-Resistivity, Low-Contrast Productive Sands, by R.M. Sneider and J.T. Kulha, 1993
Tertiary, Cretaceous, and Paleozoic Depositional Environments Central Mississippi and Southwestern Alabama, by E.R. Adams, 1987
Geology of Greater New Orleans, by J.O. Snowden et al., 1980
Modern Mississippi Delta – Depositional Environments and Processes, by R.S. Saxena et al., 1976
A Field Guide to Carboniferous Littoral Deposits in the Warrior Basin, by J. Horne et al., 1976
Classic Tertiary and Quaternary Localities and Historic Highlights of the Jackson- Vicksburg-Natchez Area, C.R. Kolb et al., 1976
Louisiana Delta Plain and Salt Domes, D.H. Kupfer and J.P. Morgan, 1976
Evaluation of Seals and Flow Barriers. R.M. Sneider, 1995
Louisiana Salt Domes and the Mississippi Deltaic Plain, D.H. Kupfer, 1972
Field Trip to Jefferson Island Salt Dome, R.W. Boebel et al., 1962
Gulf of Mexico: Processes and Environments of Deposition, by J.M. Coleman, 1993
Coastal Geology of Mississippi, Alabama and Adjacent Louisiana Areas, by E.G. Otvos, 1982

Contents of NOGS CD III

Yucatan Peninsula Field Trip, by G.E. Murray and A.E. Weidie, Jr., 1962
Water and Carbonate Rocks of the Yucatan Peninsula, Mexico, by A.E. Weidie, ed., 1974
Carbonate Rocks and Hydrogeology of the Yucatan Peninsula, Mexico, by A.E. Weidie and W.C. Ward, eds., 1976
Geology and Hydrogeology of Northeastern Yucatan, by W.C. Ward and A.E. Weidie, eds., 1978
Geology and Hydrogeology of the Yucatan and Quaternary Geology of Northeastern Yucatan Peninsula, by W.C. Ward et al., 1985
The Southern Shelf of British Honduras Guidebook, by K.F. Wantland and W.C. Pusey, III, 1971
Modern Carbonate Environments of the Upper Florida Keys Guidebook, by W.M. Ahr and E.A. Shinn, 1975
The Lafourche Delta and the Grand Isle Barrier Island Guidebook, by J.P. Morgan and W.E. Conatser, 1971
The Mississippi River: Vicksburg to Bonnet Carre Guidebook, by C.R. Kolb and E.B. Kemp, III, 1973
Mississippi Barrier Islands Field Trip to West Ship Island Guidebook, by E.G. Otvos, 1994
Coastal Evolution – Louisiana to Northwest Florida Guidebook, by E.G. Otvos, 1985
West Central Louisiana Guidebook, by H.V. Andersen, 1974
Geology of the Mississippi-Alabama Coastal Area and Nearshore Zone, by E.G. Otvos, Jr., 1973
Exploration for Deep Water Sandstones, by O.E. Weser, 1975
Exploration Potential of Deep Water Sands in the Gulf Coast Region, by A.H. Bouma, 1988
Exploration Strategies in Mature Basins, by R.M. Sneider, 1990
Methods in Oil and Gas Reserves Estimation Prospects, Newly Discovered, and Developed Properties Short Course, by Atwater Consultants, Ltd., 1985
Remote Sensing With Exploration Applications, by L.F. Dellwig, 1976
Structural Analysis of Sedimentary Basins, by J.C. Crowell, 1981
Gulf Coast Structural Geology, by R.O. Kehle, 1971
Structure of the Gulf Basin, the Gulf of Mexico (Pt 1), by R.S. Dietz et al., 1973
Stratigraphy and Petroleum Potential of the Northern Gulf, the Gulf of Mexico (Pt 2), by R.R. Thompson et al., 1974
Electric Logs of South Louisiana, by W.S. Shaw, ed. et al., 1962
Geologic Evolution and Hydrocarbon Potential of the Louisiana Slope, by A. Lowrie, 1984
Interaction between Sedimentation and Salt Tectonics, by J.F. Fox, 1994
Introduction to Classical and Modern Concepts in Extensional Salt Tectonics, by J.H. Howard and T.H. Nelson, 1993
Sedimentary Environments and Hydrocarbons, by R.S. Saxena, ed., 1976
Depositional Environments Guidebook, by P.A. Dunn et al., 1968
Sandstone Diagenesis: Principles Useful in Exploration, by E.F. McBride, 1983
North/South Dip Section, Jackson County, Mississippi to South Pass Area, Louisiana, by NOGS Study Group, 1978
Salt Tectonism of the United States Gulf Coast Basin, Second Edition Map, by J.A. Lopez, 1995

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Price: $125.00
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