• NOGS Oil & Gas Fields of South Louisiana - 2010

NOGS Oil & Gas Fields of South Louisiana - 2010

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Please note this is a DIGITAL COPY - NO CD Rom will be sent. After Payment digital version will be emailed to you. Oil and Gas Fields of South Louisiana (2010) is the first collection of field studies by New Orleans Geological Society (NOGS) in more than 22 years. Since 1940, NOGS has published 10 other field studies volumes that have proved popular among geologists working in South Louisiana. Twenty-six fields are included in this new publication. All were selected for inclusion because of a significant increase in production, often the result of using "new" 3-D seismic data in the E&P program. Each field in this new volume has a summary page, field history, geology, and production plots for oil and gas. There are geologic maps on one or more geologic horizons, a type-log showing the distribution of production with depth, geological cross-section and, in some cases, a seismic line. Detailed petrophysical logs of the productive intervals are included. All geologic maps, sections and petrophysical logs have been professionally redrafted in color. A unique feature of this field studies volume is the in-depth economic analysis of South Louisiana exploration results from 1988 through 2010. That analyses, by geologist Paul Lawless, looks at a variety of exploratory plays in South Louisiana including the Tuscaloosa, Austin Chalk, Eocene, Oligocene, and middle through lower Eocene. Thirty-three geologists and geophysicists contributed material for this volume.

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